Tufts University Certified Instructors and Instructors-in-Training.

Ari Gofman photo
Ari Gofman
they/them pronouns
Social Science Data Librarian
Tisch Library
Lessons: Git, Shell, Spreadsheets
Andrea Kang photo
Andrea Kang
she/her pronouns
Research & Instruction Librarian
Hirsh Library
Lessons: new to the team, helper
Kristin Lee photo
Kristin Lee
she/her pronouns
Research Data Librarian
Tisch Library
Lessons: Python, Shell, OpenRefine, Spreadsheets
Travis Lilleberg photo
Travis Lilleberg
he/him pronouns
Software Engineer
TTS/Tisch Library
Lessons: Shell, Git
Kyle Monahan photo
Kyle Monahan
he/him pronouns
Senior Data Science Specialist
Research Technology, TTS
Lessons: Python, R, Data Visualization, GIS
Jake Perl photo
Jake Perl
he/him pronouns
Digital Humanities Natural Language Processing Specialist
Research Technology, TTS
Lessons: Text Analysis with NLTK, Web Scraping with Python, Sentiment Analysis with Python
Susan Remondi photo
Susan Remondi
she/her pronouns
Senior Technical Training Specialist
Lessons: Python, Git, Shell
Chelcie Rowell photo
Chelcie Rowell
she/her pronouns
Team Lead for Digital Scholarship
Tisch Library
Lessons: interested in Shell, Git, Spreadsheets, OpenRefine
Berika Williams photo
Berika Williams
she/her pronouns
Emerging Technologies and Web Librarian
Hirsh Library
Lessons: R, Shell, Data Visualization